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The Malleable Normal

Entrepreneurship Doesn't Start With an LLC

Goals vs. Systems

Make Every Conversation Meaningful

The Enterprise of Life


Regret Minimization Framework

Choose to be Relentless.

Co-Creators of Your Reality

Regret Minimization Frameworks & Uncomfortable Truths

Why You Can't Stop Running

The Shaq Effect

You Get What You Put In

Use It or Lose It.

From $9 Million to $900 Million in Four Years

Dunning-Kruger, Self Compassion, Second & Third Order Consequences

The Engines of Intellect

Running on Auto(maticity) Pilot

Inversion Thinking

Riches Are In The Niches

Right Person, Right Energy, Right Time

Money Chess


Power Saving Mode

Mindful Growth Through Minimalist Gamification

Attracting Empire Builders

Doing and Thinking are Reciprocal Practices

You're Right. About Everything. Right Now.

You Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase

Mastering the Art of Rapid Learning

The Truth Behind Time

Expanding Inputs for Expansive Outputs

Beyond the Bias

The Art Of Acknowledgment

Peace Of Mind Is The New Rich

The Map Is Not the Territory

Life Will Always Evades Equations

Not Any People, The Right People

Imagined Limitations

The Machines Are Getting Smarter

The Paradox of Choice

The Underdog Advantage

Sweat The Small Stuff

Goodhart’s Law

It Only Has To Work Once

Overconfidence is a Trap

The Advantage of Consistent Progress

The 1-3-5 Rule

Activity Is Not A Synonym For Results

Leadership Isn't One Size Fits All

Rhythms Over Routines

Degree = Access. Skills + Grit = Progress.

Who Is Your God?

The One Who Decides Where To Look

Don't Let Schooling Interfere With Your Education

Chip On Your Shoulder


Tear it Down and Rebuild

Brick by Brick, Habit by Habit

Get Off The X

The Real Cost of Your Home Office

The Illusion of Safety in Numbers

The Power of Self-Integrity and Follow-Through

Navigating Advice in the Age of Overinformation

How To Win At.... Anything

The Art of Seeing Further

The Five-Email Strategy

A-Player Recruitment

Your Business Doesn't Have Time for Noise

You Are Your Own Rival

The Hidden Cost of Staying

Think You're Logical? Your Brain Disagrees

The Great Multitasking Hoax

Leveraging Meta-Awareness


Mastering the Craft

Silence Is Not Weakness

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

A Startup In 24 Hours With Zero Budget

Learning How To Learn

The Art of Growing Simply

You're the Broadcaster Now

Comfort Is A Liar

The Empowering Blame Game

The Classroom Has Changed

What Is Value?

Don't Run If You Can Walk

Utility vs. Novelty

The Hedonic Treadmill

From Millions to Billions

The 101st Hit

The Fabled Art of Failing Upwards

The Currency of Dreamers

How Writing Rewires the Brain for Peak Performance

Trust Over Tactics

The Perception Of Privilege (How I Went Viral)

The Ever-Changing You

The 'Can' Will Follow The 'Want.'

Lifting Weights & Business

How Discomfort Transforms Potential into Reality

Vienna's Architecture and the Lost Wisdom in Modern Business

Brick by Brick Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur

Redefining Success

Question Assumptions. Discover Potentials. Expand Your Mind.

Stop Chasing Ghosts

In Pursuit of the 0.01%

Stop Hunting For Advice

I Know That I Know Nothing

The Paradox of Value

How To Learn Anything

Impossible Is Temporary

The Persuasion Paradox

The Alchemy of X

Why the Great Depression Sculpted Millionaires

The Mirage of Masterminds

The Magic Beanstalk of Business: Your Unfair Advantage

The Internet Democratized Access, And Homogenized Expression

$50M. A Roadmap to Your FU Freedom

The Luck Equation

Choreographing New Habits

The Subtle Magic of Marginal Gains

Dream Big. Act Bigger.

A Daily Journey

Of Right People, Safety Nets, and Unleashed Potentials: Entrepreneurship Reimagined

To Earn, Learn to Serve

Falling Into Your Systems

Slow-Twitch Branding: A Lesson from Your Muscles

The Undervalued Currency of Health

Mastery: Money is a Symptom, Not the Cause

Optimize Now, Thrive Tomorrow

Unearthing the True Shape of Your Business Model

Value, Trust, Irrefusable Offers

The Naïvete Advantage: Why Staying 'Green' Fuels Growth

Debunking the Meritocracy Myth

Retention over Acquisition

Playing the Unfair Game

Dive Deep, Not Wide

Social Media: The Ladder, Not the Destination

When Quitting is the Wisest Victory

We're All Guessing Here

The Myth of the Perfect Routine: Why 'Avantouinti' Is Not Your Business Secret Sauce

The Art of Escaping Your Own Head

Dancing with Dichotomy: Hickam's Dictum and the Zealot Within Us

Startups, Snares, and Simple Missteps

Harnessing Dormant Power: The Art of Leverage in Business

The Tale of Thirty-Three Candles: Life, Business, and the Joy of Now

Entrepreneurs, Your Real Masterpiece is the People You Shape

Unmasking the Illusion: Becoming Your Own Hero

July 4th and the Unseen Revolution

The Great Degree Delusion: It's Not What You Think

The Only Time You Should Ever Look Back Is to See How Far You've Come

When Empty Space is the Key to Full Potential

The Character Invention Technique

Listening to the Wrong Echo: The Peril of Overvaluing Your Competition's Voice

Stoicism and the Art of Brand Resilience

The Folly of Self-Limitation

You're Not That Good

The Unconventional Road to Unparalleled Productivity

Debunking the Myth of Multiple Income Streams

Mastering the Art of Non-Salesy Selling

The Art of Re-Entry: Transitioning from Vacation to Work

Disagreements Aren't Detours, They're Pathways: The Art of Constructive Conflict

The Contrarian Art of Planning for Bad Luck

How to Never Lose an Employee Again

The Golden Cage: Entrepreneurship's Unexpected Trap

The Unexpected Key to Customer Satisfaction

Thinking Alone: The Power of Monoidealism and How to Focus Like Einstein

Power Down to Power Up

Sobriety Spectrum: A New Perspective on Alcohol and Entrepreneurship

The Spotlight vs. The Streetlight: Audience or Community, What's Your Choice?

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Managing Imposter Syndrome

The Power of Authenticity in Building a Brand

The Surprising Survival of Established Businesses in the Modern Era

Why You Should Hire People Who Disagree with You

Is Your Strength Holding You Back? The Paradox of Expertise

The Importance of Self-Awareness in Entrepreneurship

The Psychology of Selling: Influencing Consumer Behavior

The Hidden Dangers of Scaling Too Quickly

The Unexpected Benefits of Business Rivalries

How to Build a Business Around Your Worst Idea

Outsourcing Creativity: An Unconventional Approach to Innovation

Why Every Sales Team Needs Emotional Intelligence Training

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Personal Brand

The Power of Hiring for Attitude Over Experience

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Disrupting an Industry

The Power of Letting Go: Delegation for Entrepreneurs

Start-up Autonomy: The Case for Building a Business Without Investors

The Art of Selling Without Selling Out

Why Your Business Shouldn't Try to Please Everyone

Raising Venture Capital: An Inside Look

Balancing Passion and Profit: The Entrepreneur's Dilemma

The Power of Relationship Selling in a Digital World

Turn Fear into Fuel: The Unseen Catalyst for Success

The Power of Rest: Why Entrepreneurs Need Downtime

Signal and Noise: Finding Your Voice in a World Full of Sound

The Power of Ignoring Trends

The Case for a Four-Day Work Week

Bootstrapping a Tech Startup: A Symphony in Three Movements

The Art of Hiring a Diverse Team

Embracing Failure: The Unexpected Key to Success

The Art of Saying No: Essential for Business Growth

Why 9-5 Thinking Doesn't Work for Entrepreneurs

The Myth of Overnight Success: Unpacking Entrepreneurial Journeys